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Seed Pli by SLK

My new Seed Pli has arrived and these are my very first impressions.

The seat unit is so long, with a backrest measuring 55cm, which means that my 15 month old daughter looks tiny in it. There’s so much room for growth, that it’s a shame it’s only suitable to 15kg because it could be great for bigger and/or older children who still need a pushchair. I was concerned that the footrest is fixed and may not be comfortable for long legged children. Luckily my daughter is unlikely to ever have that problem.

The Seed’s chassis is very square so it feels very big even though it only actually measures approximately 59cm wide. I usually hate wide pushchairs so I did feel a little disappointed straight away. That’s why I decided to measure it, to knock some sense into myself!

The seat unit when upright is low enough to the ground that my daughter can climb in and out herself. I’m not yet sure whether this is a good or bad point, only time will tell…!

It comes with a mattress for use in carrycot mode. When taking photos of it in carrycot mode it looked strange, as though the baby’s head would be lower than their feet. I’ve since realised that’s because you have to unzip the hood and put it at what would be the foot end when in pushchair mode.

There’s a recline on the head end which can alter the position of the backrest/carrycot base to suit your needs. When pulled completely tight and putting the seat upright, it makes it vertical, or pretty near it, which I know many children much prefer.

The fold is a little bit of a faff. You have to remove the seat to fold. Then you have to put the seat back on the chassis further down if you want to keep it as one piece when folded. You then have to push a bar in to release the wheels and then fold them in so they tuck under the frame nice and neatly. You don’t need to fold the wheels in to fold it up, and I may not always do it having a big boot, but that’s what makes the Seed Pli really isn’t it? Some people would find it an absolute godsend to be able to fold their pushchair so flat.

I haven’t been able to try it out yet outside. When I do I might try going through mud as the tyres say “seed was here” on them and imprint it into the ground as you go. Simple pleasures!

It weighs 12kg so is by no means a light pushchair, but it feels sturdy, well made and cleverly designed. I think it could be a fantastic pushchair for those who want off road capabilities, with parent facing as an option and good quality, but without having to compromise by having an enormous fold.

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