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Silver Cross Halo Review

This is a small and very neat folding pushchair and can apparently fit in a Fiat 500 or Mini. The front wheels also come off easily to make an even smaller fold. 

It has a surprisingly spacious seat with a reversible summer/winter seat liner, which I think is a nice touch. The seat can lie almost completely flat, but also absolutely vertical and any position in between. The harness is unusually made of very thick cotton. The harness isn’t easy to adjust but does hold in place without any slipping. The footmuff is like a bootcover in that it only covers the front of the child and tucks under the seat around the bottom edge. It’s a long cover, so should fit a large child. The hood isn’t huge, but does have a flip out sunvisor section. The raincover fits beautifully and has a zip all the way across the middle so you can take your child in and out without removing the cover at all.

There is no basket as such, but criss-crossing eleastic straps on a flat surface under the seat. I found that I could fit quite a lot in there; the footmuff, raincover, my and my daughter’s coats and a few books. I had the prambag, which hooks onto the back of the seat unit and comes with an adjustable strap to use as a changing bag. It contains a changing mat and bottle insulator, has a small coolbag section on the front and lots of pocket inside the main section. You could easily keep nappies, wipes and a packed lunch inside the bag. There is also a hidden wide pocket behind the footrest with a phone pocket on the outside. This isn’t easy to access and is probably designed to keep valuables that you want to hide from sight. I found that I could hang my very large handbag across the handlebar and the pushchair wouldn’t tip at all. 

I found the Halo really easy to push, with a tiny turning circle. However, the wheels are very hard and the suspension isn’t great, so it’s not easy to push over bumpy ground or cobbles. The fold is simple, but requires two hands.

I loved this pushchair. It has a luxurious feel and would suit a child of any age. However, it is an about town pushchair and not great if you spend a lot of time in parks.

It’s worth noting that there were a few batches of faulty Halos manufactured in 2009. These had hinges that gaped and allowed children to get the tip of their fingers caught in the gap.

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