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Stokke Crusi v’s Stokke Scoot

This photoset shows the Stokke Crusi side by side with the Stokke Scoot.

The Stokke Scoot is a lightweight, one piece folding in either direction, pushchair.
The Crusi is a wider, bigger chassis which can either be bought with the seat on, or as we did, can be bought as the chassis only and then an Xplory V3 seat can be added on top. The Crusi is really a 2 piece fold. It stacks very neatly.
The Stokke Crusi can also have a sibling seat added underneath the main seat or underneath a carrycot for an over 6 month old sibling / friend to be carried too.

The Crusi seat is set at a similar height to the Xplory ie high up. The Scoot seat is much lower.
The Crusi seat can recline in 3 positions parent facing, and 2 positions forward facing. The Scoot can sit upright or lie down in either direction ie 2 positions.
The Crusi can be used from birth either with the addition of a Crusi carrycot, or the Stokke newborn wedge in the lie flat, suitable from birth Xplory / Crusi seat unit. The Stokke Scoot is only suitable for children from six months old.

Please note that in these photos the Scoot has a removable footrest which has been left on parent facing throughout these photos. It can be moved to the front for a higher level foot support for a forward facing child. However it is a little fiddly to fit and we were pushed for time so we left it in situ. Our 2 year old needs the footrest adding on, but our 4 year old uses the lower footrest as seen in the photos.

The Stokke Crusi can take the Xplory V3 seat. However there is a newer version of the Xplory / Crusi seat unit which has the rear of the footrest enclosed. Stokke say that this version only must be used in 2 child mode to prevent an accident. However this is not very clear from the information we have found on the Crusi. Certainly we have had to ask a lot of questions and do a lot of research to discover this information. The new safe version V3 seat is dated from 29/10/2012 or later. We are using an older V3 seat in our photos. Our photos do not show the bumper bar and sun visor on the seat, but they are included with the seat. The fur trim is part of the Stokke Winter kit and is an extra accessory.

Above all there is a substantial price difference between these two pushchairs. The Scoot RRP is £549 and the Crusi RRP is £879 with one seat or £1148 with the sibling seat as well. The sibling seat is the same as the Scoot seat.

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