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iCandy Peach Jogger v’s iCandy Peach v’s iCandy Strawberry

This set of photos shows the iCandy Peach Jogger, alongside the iCandy Peach and the iCandy Strawberry (left to right).

You could well be mistaken for thinking these are the same pushchair, because there are similarities. However there are also key differences which make these into individual iCandy pushchairs.

The iCandy Peach and Peach Jogger fundamentally have the same base. The chassis look very similar, and the seats are identical in size and shape. The biggest difference is that the Peach has four solid wheels – the front two are smaller lockable swivel wheels, whereas the Peach Jogger has 3 chunky air tyres. This makes the Peach highly manoeuverable in tight spaces eg in shops, whereas the Peach Jogger is very suitable for going off road. The 3 wheels of the Peach Jogger has meant a change to the front of the Peach chassis to accommodate just one front wheel. There is a folding front wheel section on the Peach Jogger which both acts as a wheel guard and footplate, thus offering an older child more leg room. The folding wheel guard section of the Peach Jogger, means that with the wheel removed, and this section folded, that the Peach Jogger will fit into the boot of a Mini.
The other big difference is that the Peach has a shiny aluminium chassis. The Peach Jogger has  a matt brushed aluminium finish.
The fabrics are also different. The Peach Jogger fabrics are more of a satin finish. The Peach fabrics are more textured and feel thicker.
There is a separate range of colours for the Peach and for the Peach Jogger. However because the seat is the same size, the liners and footmuffs fit both Peach pushchairs. Therefore a Peach Jogger liner could be used on a Peach stroller.
Otherwise the functions and the way the two iCandy Peach pushchairs work is very similar eg big basket, the way they fold and freestand when folded, how the seat reclines, removes and how the hood slides up the chasssis.

The iCandy Strawberry may look similar to a Peach with its shiny aluminium chassis. However is very different to the other two pushchairs. The Strawberry is a one piece fold, whereas the two Peach pushchairs fold in 2 pieces. The Strawberry can be folded with the seat left in situ in either direction. The Strawberry also has a memory fold, so that it “remembers” the last position you had the seat in before folding. The Strawberry will also freestand when folded, but with the seat left on the chassis.
The seat has a hood which slides up the chassis, like the Peach pushchairs. However there is no adjustable footrest.
Underneath the seat of the Strawberry is the “punnet” which is a small storage space for a raincover, valuables or toys.
The basket of the Strawberry is sprung. It can be left open, or clipped down to the lowest position.
The Strawberry comes as a black base with the choice of ‘flavour packs’ to add a splash of colour. These are easy to buy should you wish to buy a new colour for a new baby or just fancy a change.

The iCandy Peach can be turned into an excellent tandem pushchair for two children – siblings or twins – with the addition of the Peach Blossom convertor kit. The Strawberry and Peach Jogger can not be made into a double pushchair.

The seat sizes on these pushchairs are very comparable. Be aware that the Strawberry liner is quite puffy and thus people report that the seat looks small. With the liner out, all these seats are large and can comfortably seat a 3 year old, or older. There are plenty of photos here on Best Buggy of tall 3 year olds (and even some of 4 year olds) in these iCandy pushchairs.

All these pushchairs require the use of a carrycot from birth to 6 months. They can also be used as a travel system with the addition of a car seat and adaptors.

The boy in the seats of these pushchairs is 2 years 5 months old and is 87.5cms tall (9th centile, so small for his age).

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