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Phil and Teds Vibe Review

We brought the Vibe 2nd hand of amazon last year.

I love this buggy.

When we first found it we did some research and found it had some issues around the front wheel? This one is 2 years old and so far we have not experienced any problems with it at all.

We were initially drawn to it by its look and then after closer inspection realised it folded in the most unusual way. We only have a small car so it is important for us to have a buggy that is going to fit properly.

We didn’t realise how big it is. For its size, it is actually very manoeuvrable and we have no problems going to the supermarket, squeezing into gift shops and going about daily acitivites (all that we can anyway) with this buggy.

I guess the reason why we have taken the time to write this review is to shed some light on the great features that this buggy has to offer and to soothe some of the scathing reports that have been put out there.

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