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Mamas & Papas Armadillo v’s Mamas & Papas Armadillo City

These are just a few opportunistic photos, which were taken to quickly compare the relative size of the Mamas & Papas Armadillo, side by side with its little sibling, the Armadillo City.

There is quite a size difference to these pushchairs – the Armadillo City is more compact and slimmer than the Armadillo.

Whilst Master BB at 98cms, sits really comfortably in the seat of the Armadillo City – with good leg room – he does not have much room left under the rim of the canopy. However a child of his height (average 3 year old) would usually be starting to walk more. Therefore to have a small folding pushchair, this is the compromise which is worth making.

The fold size difference between the Armadillo and the Armadillo City is listed here.

With many thanks to the friendly people at Direct2Mum, for allowing us to take these photos in their shop.

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