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Bugaboo Bee³ Photoset

This Photoset is of the Bugaboo Bee³.

The Bugaboo Bee 3 is a pushchair with a reversible seat. The Bee3 will fold with the seat facing in either direction, into a compact package. Both of these folds are pictured.

Bugaboo have supposedly improved the Bugaboo Bee, however, we at Best Buggy are not so sure!

Just look at the seat liner, and hood fabric in the photos above.

The seat is literally a plastic shell, with the harness and some lumbar support attached. The customer then attaches a 1.5cms foam liner on top! Look at the creases and indents in the liner, and how it folds as the seat is extended and retracted.

The new extending hood fabric is a thin, floppy, jersey type fabric which can be stretched and moved by the child; or simply by movement. Look at the two photos where the hood is sat leaning one way, and then the other, even without a child pulling or pushing at it. In our review, you will see what Master BB did to the hood. The hood fabric also hangs down in the child’s way.

Note the five points to the harness; the new hood ‘clamps’ ; and the Bee3 has the new 2 button fold as seen on the last Bee Plus models.
The Bee3 basket is apparently larger but in real life, it is difficult to notice much difference.

Read our unbiased review of the Bugaboo Bee³ here for more detailed information.

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