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iCandy Peach Blossom 2010 Review by Best Buggy

The iCandy Peach single has to be my favourite single pushchair to date – above the Bugaboo Chameleon, Baby Jogger City Select, and many more.

I fell in love instantly with the shiny chrome and I sat in front of my PC for weeks looking at the photos until one snowy day we finally made the journey to buy a Peach Blossom for my 15 month old daughter and new baby to be. I was soooo excited and loved it just as much after a good play in the shop. Compared to the Pear it felt very light but sturdy. I had been warned that the seats were small, but when I looked the seat liner was removable and I knew that my daughter had sufficent room to grow. I accepted that the lower seat was smaller but thought it would get us through a year to 18 months until my daughter was old enough to walk sensibly. I bought both sets of Maxi Cosi car seat adaptors so that we could have the car seat on its own on the chassis or as part of the tandem travel system. I ordered a carrycot (it took over 4 months to arrive by which time I had had the baby) even though I was a bit disappointed to find the lower carrycot wouldn’t sit in the centre to make a single pram (for that you had to buy a second carrycot).

My daughter loved being in the Peach, and I loved pushing her around town. I loved the huge shopping basket, the extending handle and best of all the way the handle pushed in making the chassis collapse easily, and with the handy carrying strap in your hand, it was easy to lift into the car. The chassis folded compactly.  I found the seat unit trickier to store because it doesn’t lie flat even with the bumper bar removed. But that wasn’t really an issue with one seat (but makes two seats bulky). But the Peach is a fantastic pushchair with gorgeous styling.

However, on that first snowy day, we set the Peach up inside with both seats on and instantly realised there was a huge issue. The back seat does not sit upright. It only reclines. I knew this would be a problem and tried my daughter in the seat just to check I was correct. At 15 months old, my daughter screamed, struggled and desperately tried to climb back out of the seat because she hated being laid back. I knew that however gorgeous the pushchair was, it would only have a short life span ie until my new baby wanted to sit up straight. I can’t tell you how much my heart sank having just spent the best part of £1000 of our hard earned money on my dream pushchair. But I immediately started my search for a new tandem and within hours had preordered a Baby Jogger City Select. I was justified in my decision because at  just under 6 months old my baby son decided he didn’t want to be laid flat any more, nor did he want to be reclined.

I have to say, much as I love my City Select, I do get pangs of envy and sadness whenever I see a Peach with its shiny chrome out and about. It is such a stunningly gorgeous pushchair, but it just didn’t work well as a tandem.

BUT….. before I sold the Peach Blossom, I wrote an article comparing the Peach and the City Select. At the Harrogate Nursery Fair, I turned a corner and came face to face with the NEW 2012/13 Peach Blossom. Partly as a result of the article I wrote, and feedback from other customers, iCandy HAVE listened and HAVE produced what is still a stunningly gorgeous pushchair but with most of the niggles ironed out. I am sure the iCandy Peach 2012/13 will quite rightly be a fantastic tandem to rival any others currently on the market.

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