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iCandy Peach Twin Review by Catcymraeg

My twins were due Aug 2010. OH wanted a tandem as he thought it would be better for us (narrow, light). As we live in the hills of Wales, our options of trying pushchairs out were very limited and being heavily pregnant with twins, the thought of travelling far by car was very trying.

The shop we went to only had the peach blossom twin as a tandem and a few side by sides. It was shiny, lovely colours and we thought wow!!!! My OH loves shiney things so it was sold before trying it out. We had a play, put a car seat on etc and thought, yes, this is lovely. Very expensive – it came to £1,400 (with discount) full twin package including car seats x 2 and isofixes x 2.

I found it very light to push and it looked so nice when the twins were born, a real head turner.

I didn’t like the hoods on the carrycots. They were very open and didn’t come down far enough, so the sun and wind was a problem. I didn’t like the way the carrycots sat either. The bottom one faced you and the top one faced away fom you. It was very difficult to see the babies. You had to stop and walk around the side to check on them. Yes, the hoods had flaps, but with such small babies, a hood peep wasn’t enough. It was also quite difficult to access the bottom baby. The rain covers were a nightmare, such a pain. You couldn’t put the bottom one on without removing the top carrycot. And again, you had to remove the top carrycot before removing the bottom rain cover. Do you put the carrycot on the wet floor? Not feasible when it starts to pour down. Much easier was buying a massive golf umbrella.

In car seats mode it was ok. Very light to push about etc, but I found that the top carseat was squashing down on the bottom car seats sun visor/hood. Ok when babies are very small but it worried me when they’d be older.

When they were 10 weeks old we got the seats out of the box to have a play with and instantly found that we had a problem. Getting to the bottom twin was impossible. OH took one look and said, “no way”. They were only 2 months old, there was no way they would now (8 months old) have fitted easily and been removed without tears. The bottom seat was so close to the underside of the top seat, it was ridiculous. For such an expensive pram, you expected better. We didn’t even bother playing with recline etc as it was so obvious it was a design flaw.

We sold it on and bought a baby jogger city select. The difference is obvious when you compare the two.

As a pushchair that was sold to us as a “fantastic pushchair made for twins”, we were very disappointed. I hope icandy have listenend to customer comments and ammend the 2012/13 version.

Pros – looks nice.
Cons – all of the above and more.

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