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The New 2012 iCandy Peach Blossom Seat Units

Some additional photos of the new 2012 iCandy Peach Seat Units. Please bear in mind that these seat units are prototypes and are subject to change.

The official measurements from iCandy are that the 2009 Blossom seat unit width has been increased by 2.5cms and the leg rest has been lengthened by 6.5cms.

I have measured the two 2012 seat units (Upper Seat and Lower Seat) and these are my measurements in cms:

Upper Seat                   Lower Seat

Seat Width Back Seam                                                  25.5                                    24

Seat Width Front Seam (Knee)                                  28                                        27

Seat Depth (Knee to Back of Seat)                           22                                        20

Seat Height (Bottom to Top)                                      46                                        46

Knee Seam to Footrest                                                20                                        20.5

These measurements are taken with the seat liners in place. The seat liners can be removed to allow for extra growth, and the hood both slides up the frame and can also be unzipped to allow for additional head room. My 2.5 year old (in age 3/4 clothing) is comfortable without either the liner removing or the hood unzipping at present. If the eldest child goes in the lower seat, then they can stretch their legs out along the basket.

Please note the Bumpaloop on the Upper Seat Bumper Bar is an addition ie it should not be on! Also the lower seat purposely does not have a bumper bar and is blanked off to prevent one being added. You will not be able to buy a lower seat bumper bar.

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