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iCandy Pear v’s iCandy Peach Blossom 2012

This is a photoset of the iCandy Pear side by side with the iCandy Peach Blossom 2012.

These two pushchairs are two short and neat tandems. To get an idea of scale compared to other tandems, have a look at the photosets under “Side by Side Pushchair Comparisons,” where these two pushchairs are next to several other tandems.

Please note that the Pear seat may at first glance look larger. However the Peach seat is actually taller. The Peach also has a thick seat liner in it which can be easily removed to add extra width and height to the seat. The Peach hood also slides up the chassis as the child grows and ultimately the hood can be unzipped at the rear to give even more height. The child has got the hood on the highest setting on the chassis without unzipping the hood but she doesn’t yet need the liner removing. The Pear seat in the photos with the 2.9 year old in is the main upper blue seat. If these photos are used in conjunction with the reviews and photosets of the individual pushchairs ie the iCandy Pear page on Best Buggy, then you will see that the child is already too tall for the yellow lower Pear seat. This is a point worth noting if you have twins.

Although this photoset shows the new 2012 Peach Blossom kit ie a larger and more upright seat with a couple of other small modifications, these photos could be used to get an idea of how the current 2009 Peach Blossom compares to the Pear in size, seating positions etc. The main difference with the Peach 2009 is that the rear seat is smaller and does not sit upright – it reclines flat and semi reclines.

The Pear has many more configurations – to see most of these please see the iCandy Pear page on Best Buggy.

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