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iCandy Peach Blossom – Raincovers

These photos were taken as an experiment!

First of all let me say that iCandy are one of the few pushchair manufacturers who understand that at least here in the UK, a raincover is an essential, not an optional extra, and we applaud that!

However, we were not given the correct lower raincover for the new Peach Blossom’s larger lower seat. So we tried the upper raincover on instead to see how it would fit around the fabric foot area. We found it easy to get in place, however having a sleeping, reclined baby made it easier to fit than it is with a wriggling, upright toddler.

However, when we met with iCandy in March, we asked for a tandem raincover because we knew from our experiences with children and also the City Select, that trying to fit two close fitting raincovers on when you happen to be out walking and the heavens suddenly open, does take a while to do. Also as our photos show, an older child in the lower seat is more likely to have their feet in the basket, rather than on the footrest, or to kick a close fitting cover off. So for ease and older toddlers we would prefer a tandem raincover.

We experimented and found that the Britax B-Dual raincover fitted really well. It isn’t perfect, but it was simple and easy to fling over the children when it suddenly started to rain, (there was no trying to work out which raincover went on which seat,) and the various tabs velcroed easily onto the Peach chassis and down the sides. Amazingly the hood spines of the B-Dual raincover fitted the Peach hood really well! It seemed pretty secure. This wouldn’t be recommended by iCandy but we often get asked about what tandem raincovers could work on the Peach so we thought we would share.

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