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iCandy Peach Blossom 2009 Review by WL

As I had the Icandy Peach as a single pram and pushchair, I purchased the lower pram unit and the blossom adaptor kit, which included the lower seat unit, to convert it into a double. I got extension bars, one for each side, which have to be put on and removed every time it is folded. This is very easy to do and isn’t a problem.

The lower pram unit is considerably smaller than the pram unit used in single mode and at 4 months, my baby was starting to get very cramped in there. The front seat is the main seat for use in single mode too, so it is generously sized and my 2.5 year old fits in their well. The lower seat unit is again much smaller; my son is 10 months and is already starting to fill it. The lower seat only has 2 recline settings, full recline for sleeping and the other is still very reclined, which is a problem, as my 10 month old now wants to sit up.

Both seats are extremely comfortable and with foot muffs fitted, provide a snug and secure environment, more than acceptable for a 4 month old in my opinion. Both hoods provide very good cover and it has 3 handle height settings. The basket is hard to access in double mode and due to the nature of the handle shape; it’s not easy to hang bags from but this has never caused me a problem.

Most of the reviews I read prior to purchase mentioned how difficult it was to access the baby in the pram, when the front seat was attached. Although it was awkward, I always managed to get him out without having to remove the front seat, which was essential, as there is no way I could have let my 18 month old stand alone while I tended to the baby. Yes, it’s tricky but certainly not impossible.

I would definitely recommend the original Icandy Peach Blossom for use up to 12 months of age and then as a single beyond that. I do believe that Icandy have corrected the recline issue and are introducing a new model in 2012, so that would definitely be worth consideration for a longer period of time.

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