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iCandy Peach Blossom 1 Review by Rachael

I arrived at a used PB1 after a couple of unsuccessful experiments with other tandems for my just 2yo and newborn. The children were 2y 3m and 3m when I got it. Initially I was blown away by the feel of it, very sturdy and solid. Unlike a lot of other people I find the very shiny chassis a little disconcerting but it’s certainly a crowd pleaser. The toddler immediately christened it “posh buggy.”

My previous tandem had been a b dual, which I loved in all but the width, which I found impossible. The single size of the Peach was very very appealing. I didn’t have a lower carrycot, I used a stokke newborn wedge in the seat, which for the 3 month old was perfect. When the lower seat is flat all the time then loading children is fairly simple if not exactly easy. Complaints about the size of both seats on the peach have been floating around for a while, I had no problems with my slightly taller than average children. The 2yo did fit under the lower hood but would not have done for very long. The upper seat hood slides to allow plenty of room and in terms of width and depth the seat seems really quite roomy. There is basket space with two children on board, on paper it looks like a package that is very hard to beat. I did know however that there was an issue on the horizon beyond the unequal size of the seats– that of the lower seat not having an upright position.

I knew of the existence of the PB2 with the bigger lower seat with and upright position. When the baby was 5 months old and riding round with her head constantly poking up in the air trying to sit upright I knew I had reached the point where a decision needed to be made. Upgrade the Blossom kit or find something else. As luck would have it that something else I had ordered some months ago arrived, and made the decision for me (but that’s another review). Ultimately I did not love the Peach enough to seek out the Blossom 2 kit upgrade, although the push is very good I found it to be not ideal for my local area. Too many cobbles, having to tip the pushchair up every little lip or tiny bit of curb so the wheels did not stick and bring us to an unexpected halt. To be honest I’m not a big fan of the comments from passers by either even though they have been universally positive.

It was nice while it lasted and a very good pushchair. The price tag is eye watering in my opinion, especially when a carrycot is a requirement for a newborn as oppose to an option. If I were starting again with my first baby then it is probably an excellent buy as it’s a great single and one of the very best tandems – as long as you don’t have too much rough ground to cover.

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