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Zeta Vooom

I originally bought the Zeta Vooom to take on holiday in April 2012 for my (at the time) 1 year old daughter.
The Zeta Vooom was incredibly well priced (£30 brand new at the time, think they’re a bit dearer now) has a large, well padded wide seat (33cm) and reclines to lie flat.
It has a huge hood that extends which is perfect for sun shade on holiday and comes with a rain over included.
It’s very sturdy with a large shopping basket and really easy to push.
I loved the Zeta Vooom so much that it became my every day buggy.
The only gripe I have with it is that when the calf rest is down, the foot rest seems a little far back for my child (bearing in mind she is now over 3 years old and the buggy is still going strong!!!). Although it is pretty much the exact same design as a maclaren and I think the footrest is too far back on those too.
I’ve had well more than my money’s worth out of the Vooom, used it to carry all my shopping home and even used it on off road dog walks.
The only terrain it doesn’t seem to like is sand and really thick mid.
But it’s only really designed for pavements and shops.

The Zeta Vooom umbrella folds relatively easily. And I’ve managed it with one hand while trying to control my daughter and juggle hand luggage in the airport.
It also has a carry handle on the side so is easy to pick up and carry or can be wheeled while folded.

The back rest is 50cm and when fully reclined and calf rest up the lie flat length is 83cm taking into account the slight curve where baby’s bum goes.

The buggy has seen me through 2 holidays to Turkey, countless shopping trips with god knows how much weight piled on it, dog walks and power walks.

Unfortunately the Zeta Vooom is just too small to take on holiday this year, my daughter is now 102cm tall and her legs dangle over too much for her to be comfortable while sleeping.

The weight allowance is from birth to 20kg.
So for the price it’s a total bargain.

I will try and add some photos later

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