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StrollAir My Duo Review

I spent ages trying to find a parent facing twin buggy, suitable from birth that didn’t require carrycots. We started with the City Mini Jogger but because I wanted parent facing we ended up buying and importing a StrollAir My Duo from the US and we were not disappointed.

The StrollAir My Duo Buggy:

It is easy to manoevre and smooth to push. Feels more lightweight than the city jogger but slightly more spongy in the suspension in comparison (The jogger is a pretty solid buggy). That can make it feel slightly flimsy and a bit bouncy but it isn’t a problem, just a comment.

Assembly was easy. I am useless at these things and managed by myself.

Buggy is narrow and has fitted through every doorway that I have tried.

The handle is adjustable but it is hinged rather than sliding. It can look a bit awkward at the lower settings and doesn’t feel as secure when lower if you are pressing down on it to get up the kerb. No problem on the higher setting though.


The StrollAir My Duo is lightweight and easy to fold – you can fold it down with the seats on facing forwards (but not parent facing). However, the seats pop off very easily and it is easier to put them in the car separately anyway. It folds small for a double and is light to pick up and put in the car. You can also pop the wheels off very easily if you want to make it more compact.


The My Duo seats face both ways and in opposite directions if you want which is useful for children of different ages. They lie completely flat so suitable from birth. Our twins were born in December so we used the cocoon type footmuffs with the seat in the lie flat position and they were very cosy. In the summer you have the option of unzipping the fabric at the back so that it is just mesh which was very cool for the babies (but does attract quite a bit of attention!). Harness is easy to use and quite roomy which is useful when they are bundled up in coats and jumpers or when they get older (ours are two now and they are still very comfortable in the seats and harness).

The seats are also quite high up which I think they really like because they can see quite a lot.

The recline is a slider which means that you can recline the babies without waking them up. And, when they are in the sitting position they are in a good upright position.

The only slightly disappointing thing is that the footrest doesn’t ‘click in’ to the lowest position so when it is in the lowest position for toddlers it is only really held there by the weight of their legs and can rise up into a higher leg position, click and get stuck there. More of an issue when they are out of the seats than in them though.

Accessories/ extras:

The rain covers are good but I have only used them once or twice because the hoods fold down so far (like the jogger) and the seats come with a water resistant footmuff which are perfectly good for showers

I’m not sure the fabric is a water resistant as the jogger but the quality is good.

Mosquito nets were great for our holiday.

Pram bag is good but too small for a double pushchair. Much more useful now the twins are older and I don’t have as much to cart about. Will revert back to a bigger bag when the new baby arrives and I’m carting stuff for three.

The footmuff that comes with it provides good leg protection from about the waist down. I haven’t tried other footmuffs with it so not sure what would fit.

We also didn’t use car seats – the adaptors are only suitable for US car seats. There won’t be UK adaptors until they are selling here.


The basket is large and easily accessible because the seats are quite high up. My only niggle is that if you overload it the fabric can rub on the front wheel so you have to either not overload it (!) or make sure heavier things are toward the back wheels.

All in all, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this buggy again. It has been brilliant for the twins and I’m about to try it out for the twins and a newborn with the buggy board so I’m hoping we’ll get our money’s worth!

*BEST BUGGY EDIT: StrollAir My Duo, and also Love ‘n Care Twingo’s can now be bought in the UK / Ireland.

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