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Twinner Twist Duo Photos with Children

Some photos showing the TFK (Trends for Kids) Twinner Twist Duo with children in. The baby is 10 months – so way too old for a carrycot, but he should give an idea of how roomy it is. He is very tall for his age. The girl is 2.8 months old and again tall for her age. But she has plenty of room in the seat unit, lots of headroom, and room to stretch her legs. She looks very comfortable.

The last two photos were taken when family called round as the photos were being taken. I knew that the Twinner Twist Duo is a strong pushchair and I asked the youngest to have a photo taken really to show how much room a 5 year old had (the youngest child) in the Twinner Twist Duo. But the 8 year old wanted to sit in and then the oldest two children aged 10 and 11 asked to try too! I was still able to easily push the elder two across the gravel! Obviously these children are too old for a pushchair but I wanted to show these to show how roomy the Twinner Twist Duo is and also that it is a strong pushchair!

PLEASE NOTE: The UK Twinner Twist Duo’s will have black wheels like the photographs at the top of the statistics page, not the metal ones on this pushchair.

Our thanks go to Rob & Ian at Mojo Distribution for making this Twinner Twist Duo review possible.

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