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Smyths Dimples Duo

This photoset shows the Smyths Dimples Duo. There are a lot of similarities with the Kidz Kargo Duellette, so the photos and review of that pushchair may also be useful to have a look at. There is one big difference with the Smyths Dimples Duo – one of the seats can recline to a lie flat position which makes the Dimples Duo suitable from birth. This seat is best placed in the upper position. It can just fit in the lower position but the lie flat seat has a bigger metal construction to it and therefore the seating configurations are not quite as flexible as the Duellette seating positions. The option to have the baby laid flat parent facing, and the toddler sat upright facing forwards is quite hard to find on tandems.

The Smyths Dimples Duo pushes pretty well for a tandem. There is also some space in the basket for some shopping even with a toddlers feet in there. The Dimples Duo can be used as a single as well as a double simply by leaving the lower seat off. The fold is pretty neat. The Dimples Duo comes with footmuffs and raincover.

The Dimples Duo has an awful lot going for it. The seating positions, fold, pushability, hoods, liners, footmuffs, adjustable handlebar, lie flat seat etc are all huge bonus points. However the price does reflect the quality and we do wonder how well the Dimples Duo would stand up to being used every day for a year or more. But at £249.99 (or £199.99 in the sale as it is at time of writing) to be honest it is a throw away price and you could potentially lose more money than this on a more expensive tandem. So we would recommend the Dimples Duo with this caveat in place. We suggest you have a look at the quality for yourself before buying. Would we buy it? Yes definitely because there are so many positives.

One final note. We did manage to get a Britax Baby Safe car seat onto the Dimples Duo in the upper position ie the seat fits into the sockets. However this is not safety approved and we do not recommend it – but using a Britax car seat is safety approved on the Kidz Kargo Duellette.

A huge thank you goes to Rachael for taking this photoset for us.

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