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Smyths Dimples Duo Review by Rachael

The Dimples Duo from Smyths Toys is the first tandem pushchair I have found that allows you to have a newborn in a lie flat seat parent facing and a toddler sitting upright in the rear seat with no extras such as carrycots or carseats required. Both children have ample space and appear comfortable in the seats. The upper seat as mentioned lies fully flat and also has a reclined position and full upright with an adjustable footrest. The lower seat is a bucket shape with 3 recline positions and again an adjustable footrest. There is basket space even with the raincover in and children on board.

I really love the children’s seating positions on this pushchair, it’s the best I have ever used in these terms. For a newborn and toddler it simply works really very well. I could see it doing a great job of filling that 6 months gap where many people don’t know whether they need a double at all or know that they will only need it for a limited period of time.
Potential downsides mainly relate to the budget feel of this pushchair, at £250 full price, currently £200 in the sale you get an awful lot for your money but the price is reflected in the quality of the frame and wheels. It does not feel solid in the same way that the premium brand tandems do– baby joggers, icandys etc.

It is also worth noting that with the upper seat fully flat parent facing the whole unit is 120cm long. Because the front seat protrudes beyond the front wheels it does not feel as big as it might from the perspective of the pusher. With both seats upright it is a more reasonable 106cm long. It measures 66cm wide, this is on the wide side for a tandem but will certainly get you into most shops and through smaller doorways. The fold is also very large and the upper seat bulky with the metal recline mechanism. A big boot is required for putting this in the car. I suspect it makes more sense for someone who folds it infrequently.

Normally width is a dealbreaker for me but for some reason the 1cm difference between this and the Britax B Dual (the b dual is 72/3cm with the wheelguards on, 67cm if you leave them off) made all the difference in my life. I could easily get in through my narrow victorian door into my narrow hallway, through my narrow internal doors, where the b dual squeezed in but constantly got caught on things.

If I had space to keep multiple pushchairs this would almost certainly have taken up residence. I just found it that little bit too big for my liking, particularly when my Jane Twone turned up! I really really hope that some other manufacturers pick up on the seating position concept of the Dimples Duo and see that it can be done, then apply this in their own designs!

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