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Stokke Crusi with Sibling Seat

These are some photos of the Stokke Crusi with Sibling Seat. We will be doing a full review on a separate post.

However, please note, that this pushchair costs an incredible amount of money for what it is – £1148 to be precise. So we at Best Buggy were NOT impressed when parts of the Crusi chassis fell off on its first use with the Sibling Seat.
The parts shown in the last of this photoset fell out from the central hub where the sibling adaptor clips onto – it appears that one tiny clip and fixing black ring on each side is partially supporting the weight of a toddler!!!!!

Not only that, but as we put the Crusi chassis back into the car, the sibling seat footplate fell off, even though it appeared to be secure during use. What was probably most frustrating about this is that the footplate took ages to fit in the first place, so we didn’t want to do on every outing.

As if those weren’t enough problems, one of the wheel trims persistently rattled when the wheel was in motion.

Stokke – we thought we were getting a quality product for our money. Instead the Crusi with Sibling Seat has not just failed, here at Best Buggy, for practicality and ease of use, but also on longevity, quality and value for money per outing!!

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