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Stokke Crusi – Single Mode

These photos are of the Stokke Crusi in single mode.
The Stokke Crusi can also be used with a sibling seat for a second child with the addition of adaptors and a Scoot / Crusi Sibling seat.

Please note that we purchased this chassis separately and put on our Xplory V3 seat unit. Whilst the Xplory V3 seat fits the Crusi, there is apparently a newer version of the Xplory / Crusi seat unit to use if the Crusi is being used in tandem mode.

We had struggled to find any information about this before purchasing our Crusi chassis. It is not clear on any retailers websites, the Stokke website, and Stokke did not reply to our e-mail asking for information.

Since we purchased our Crusi chassis, we have discovered that the new V3 has a different footrest. There are some other changes, but as yet we have been unable to discover precisely what they are! There is a drawing / mention of the footrest changes in the Crusi instructions online – but amazingly not in the actual Crusi instructions in the chassis box!! The new footrest is solid at the rear. Our footrest is hollow at the rear. The new enclosed footrest is a safety feature to prevent small fingers getting trapped when the sibling seat is in use.

So, in an effort to clarify this very confusing situation:
If you wish to use the Crusi as a single pushchair, then the Xplory V3 seat is fine to use.
However if you wish to use the Crusi as a tandem pushchair, then the new version of the Xplory V3 seat / Crusi main seat is required.

There are plenty of photos with children in the Stokke Xplory seat to give an idea of size proportion, under the Stokke Xplory entry here in Best Buggy. The seat is the same one in both sets of photos.

Our Xplory seat is shown with no bumper bar and with no sun visor, but both come as standard with the Xplory / Crusi seat. The fur hood rim from the Stokke Winter Kit is seen in some photos.

The seat height on the Crusi is fixed, but is a similar height to the Xplory seat. The footrest is extendable and removable. The Winter Kit and Summer Kits can be added to this seat unit.

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