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TFK Joggster Twist with Buddy-Seat and Children!

These photos show the children in the TFK Joggster Twist with Buddy-Seat.

The girl is aged 3 years 11 months old and is 105cms tall (91st centile).

The boy is 26 months old and is 85cms tall (9th centile).

The TFK Joggster Twist has an absolutely enormous seat. It is probably the biggest pushchair seat we have seen. However the footprint of the Joggster Twist is actually not as wide or as long as some large off road pushchairs. Our girl is tall, and she looks lost in the seat of the Joggster Twist. She has plenty of head and leg room and all round is extremely comfortable. The seat is very padded and luxurious with an adjustable footrest.

The Buddy-Seat underneath attaches onto the basket frame. We had an older Joggster Twist and this required a new basket. However, on the newer Joggster Twist pushchairs, the Buddy-Seat just requires the rear section of the basket removing, and then the Buddy-Seat easily clips into place. As these photos, and other photos here on Best Buggy show, the Buddy-Seat can be folded away behind the main seat when not in use.

We felt it was important to show the last few photos of this set. Our two year old was fascinated by the wheels of the Joggster Twist. However there are no wheel guards to prevent him putting his hands onto the wheel. Our eldest sadly was too heavy to go into the Buddy-Seat, or else we would have switched the children around. This meant that we had to cut our testing period short, because we felt it was too dangerous to continue. However the TFK Joggster Twist has since gone on to two members of our Best Buggy team, who have successfully used the Buddy-Seat with older children, who understood not to put their hands on the wheels. So whilst the Buddy-Seat option was not suitable for our children, we know the other team members have very much enjoyed using the TFK Joggster Twist with the Buddy-Seat on. Therefore for them it was a good tandem option.

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