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TFK (Trends for Kids) Joggster Twist with Buddy-Seat Review by Best Buggy

We at Best Buggy love the TFK Joggster Twist for its HUGE seat and yet narrow width. We were keen to try out the Buddy Seat to make the Joggster Twist into a tandem pushchair for two children.

As the photos show there is plenty of room for both children in their respective seats. Our 3 year 11 month old (105cms tall, 91st centile) girl looks dwarfed in the huge main seat. There is tons of leg room for the lower child (26 months old; 85cms tall; 9th centile). The seat does only sit upright though which may be an issue for a younger child. There is also no hood and as our photos show, the lower child was getting wet in the rain.

Our biggest issue was that our youngest could put his hands on the wheels because there is no wheel guard. He didnt understand not to put his hands on the wheel. Our eldest according to the instructions really needed to go in the main seat, so I couldn’t swap the children over. However we sold the Joggster Twist on to someone who used both seats for two much older children (both aged 5) with no issues at all.

The Buddy-Seat easily attaches onto the rear of a Joggster Twist. We needed a new basket on ours, but on the newer models, the rear section of the basket removes, and the Buddy-Seat just clips into place. When the Buddy-Seat is not required, it can be folded up behind the main seat out of the way.

We didn’t kick the Buddy-Seat and the pushchair was really good to handle.

The Buddy-Seat can be easily folded with the main pushchair, so there is no need to detach it.

Therefore we think the Buddy-Seat is really good as long as your children are old enough to understand not to put their hands on the wheels.

For a newborn baby, the Multi-X carrycot looks great on top parent facing.



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