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Red Kite Push Me Zumi Review by Rachael

After months of consideration, I cracked in the end, and bought a Red Kite Push Me Zumi. I think the Zumi is oddly brilliant although it has quite simply the worst fabric I have ever seen on the hood of a pushchair.

The Red Kite Push Me Zumi is 52cm wide, with 22cm rear wheels, to fold the handle goes forwards and over instead of dropping to the floor so seat stays enclosed and clean and the handlebar doesn’t get scuffed on the ground. …

The Zumi is very light. <you have imagine a pause now while I get on the scales with it and discover that it weighs 7 kilos with an additional net bag and buggboard connectors on, then weigh it several more times to check> VERY light! Easy to fold, carry handle, quick release wheels, good basket, reasonable average handlebar height (100 bottom of handle, 104 at top).

The Zumi has a big hood BUT i’m not sure how much use it will be because of the fabric being thin and somewhat flimsy. The Zumi is light to push, quite possible to push one handed pretty much all the time, although it does feel like a typical 3 wheeler feel when going up and down kerbs. The ride is not the smoothest, but it’s definitely better than I anticipated considering there is no rear suspension, only front suspension.

If anyone is looking for an alternative to an umbrella stroller at the 100 odd pound price point, then they would do themselves no harm at all by having a look at a Red Kite Push Me Zumi. The Zumi comes with Maxi Cosi adaptors too, which unfortunately I can’t try out as I don’t have a Maxi Cosi seat. The Zumi could make it a brilliant car and holiday buggy.

It’s a real shame there is only one colour and that the hood fabric is poor, as otherwise the Zumi seems great for the money. I have ummed and ahhed for ages before eventually getting one, and I’m not disappointed.

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