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J.L. Childress Cool ‘n Cargo Stroller Cooler

The Harrogate Nursery Fair is a great opportunity to have a good look at all sorts of nursery products and toys up close. This year, besides looking at pushchairs, we were on a mission to find a cool bag which would fit two lunchboxes in and two drinks side by side. We have lots of individual lunch bags, however the pushchair seems to be always full, and I needed something more sensible and practical for two children.

The very kind people at J.L. Childress let us have a really good look around their stand. We already owned a J.L. Childress MaxiCOOL 4 bottle cooler bag, which is absolutely brilliant for carrying several cups in. The J.L. Childress reusable ice packs are the best we have ever tried – they stay solid until the end of the day. We looked at a few possibilities until we finally spotted the perfect bag in the Cool ‘n Cargo Stroller Cooler! This long, narrow bag, fits easily onto a pushchair.

There is plenty of space inside the Cool ‘n Cargo Stroller Cooler for two good sized lunchboxes – we got lunch for four people into them, plus crisps and the reusable ice packs. The two large front pockets were perfect for cups. There are also two side pockets for bibs, dummies and wipes. There is also a long zipped pocket above the drinks, which was great for storing my parking ticket and phone in!

In our photos, we fitted the Cool ‘n Cargo Stroller Cooler low down on the Baby Jogger City Elite, as it velcroed easily over the rear basket bar. We have also had the Cooler hung by its two side straps from the handlebar. Best of all, the Stroller Cooler does not fill your basket up, leaving it free for the all important buckets and spades!

The J.L. Childress Cool ‘n Cargo Stroller Cooler was absolutely perfect for what we needed for a picnic. There are plenty of straps to attach the bag to the pushchair – both at the back and the sides, PLUS there is also a shoulder carrying strap, and a handle on top of the bag. The Cool ‘n Cargo Stroller Cooler looks smart too, and sits unobstrusively onto a pushchair. We LOVE our The J.L. Childress Cool ‘n Cargo Stroller Cooler. It was exactly what we needed.

Thank you, lovely J.L. Childress people!

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