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Skip Hop Saddle Bags

We love Skip Hop Saddle Bags!

We believe we own 6 Skip Hop Saddle bags. These small but perfectly formed bags are great for all sorts of things. We use them for drinks, lunchboxes, ipads, books, toys and raincovers.

On the rear of the bag there is one large velcro tab which is quick and easy to attach, and also two smaller velcro tabs which loop through D rings.

Skip Hop Saddle Bags attach anywhere where the tabs can be done up. We have had them on the rear of pushchairs, like on the Baby Jogger City Mini GT pictured above, or on the side of the chassis when basket space is limited such as on the Babystyle Oyster Max. We often attach them on either side of our Babyzen YoYo.

Skip Hop Saddle bags are lovely, good quality, useful bags!

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