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Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Review by Lisa

The Tiny Love, Take Along Mobile is designed to be used by babies from 0-5 months.

The Take Along Mobile comes in a neat, well described box and is extremely easy to assemble. The main unit is already assembled, but it requires 3 x AA batteries (not supplied), and then it is ready to go. The Take Along Mobile is very economical on batteries. I have used the unit most days for half an hour or more, for a month or so, and the original batteries are still going strong.

The Tiny Love Take Along Mobile comes with a choice of 3 different attachments: there is a long arm attachment which can be used to play the mobile on a cot, crib or similar; a crocodile type clip which attaches the mobile to just about anything(!); and finally there is a Velcro fastening which that is built in to the top of the mobile. All three methods are very quick and easy to fasten, which makes taking the mobile along, and swapping it from cot, to car seat to pram etc. extremely easy.

The only criticism I have is that when fastening using the crocodile clip, the Take Along Mobile does hang pretty low. This is ok when baby is newborn, but as the baby gets bigger, the mobile hangs a little too low over the child’s face. Also as babies get bigger, they can grab and pull at it pretty easily. The other two modes have been great.

The Take Along Mobile itself is very eye catching. The mobile comprises of three arms with a blue bird, a green frog and an orange bunny dangling from them. All three animals have a black and white patterned belly which really catches the baby’s attention. My little girl can happily stare at them for hours! The mobile plays 5 different tunes which are very relaxing and at just the right volume. I have other musical toys that really get irritating when you are hearing them day in day out but these tunes never seem to annoy me. I find it quite easy to block the tunes out, especially when driving.

Another good feature, is that the tunes play on a loop for 30 minutes before automatically cutting out. Other mobiles I have tried, only play for a few minutes and then need winding up or restarting, so this is a definite advantage with the Take Along Mobile. My little girl can sit and enjoy the music on a car journey, or to be used to settle her in her cot at night without me having to worry about restarting it!  It has really helped her get over her issues with being in the car seat, she used to scream and cry most times she was put in it but since using this mobile she has been much more settled and seems too mesmorised by the mobile to get upset.

There is also the option to mute the sound, therefore just having the Take Along Mobile go round without the music playing. However, I do find that the motor mechanism on the mobile is quite loud in this mode, especially when using it to soothe on a night time in the cot. Having said that, it doesn’t seem to bother my little girl.

The age range for the Take Along Mobile, on the box of 0-5 months in pretty accurate. My little girl turns 6 months next week, and unfortunately she is starting to she is outgrow it. The bigger she gets the less room there is in the car seat for the mobile, and she has started to grab at it too much. It is however still great to use in her cot, and in her buggy with supervision.

All in all I would highly recommend the Tiny Love Take Along Mobile. It is practical, easy to use and babies just seem to be drawn to it. Every time I take it along to our baby and toddler groups the other babies and toddlers are fascinated by it. I have had many mums asking where they can buy their own Take Along Mobile from! At RRP £21.99 this is an excellent baby toy!

With many thanks to East Coast, and to Lisa.

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