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The New 2014 Updated Stokke Scoot

Introducing the new updated Stokke Scoot!!

The Stokke Scoot was a great design, but it had some big drawbacks. However Stokke seem to have taken feedback on board and this new updated Stokke Scoot looks amazing!! We LOVE it when a company improve a great product to make it even better.

The new Stokke Scoot will first of all have SIX seating positions – 3 forward facing, and 3 parent facing. This is absolutely brilliant because the two seating positions of the current Scoot was quite restricting, especially for an older baby – they are currently bolt upright or lie flat. An older baby needs a slight recline at times. Adding this extra recline position will be very useful. We hope that it will also make it easier to remove a sleeping child by sitting them up slightly before lifting.

The updated Stokke Scoot will also have thicker, foam filled, rubber wheels! The current Stokke Scoot has wheels which vibrate slightly when they are pushed along. These new bigger wheels should be a massive improvement.

The updated Stokke Scoot will also have a rotating handle to allow more space for a longer stride when walking. We hope that this will not affect how the Scoot lifts up kerbs, as the current Scoot is already tricky to get up kerbs when the seat is parent facing.

Finally the new Stokke Scoot will also have a larger visor and an easier to remove canopy. There will be better ventilation for a reclined child.

The Stokke Scoot will come in a choice of Red, Slate Blue, Black or Black Melange. Purple is available in Europe.

Prices are £529; $599 or 619 Euros

The Stokke Scoot V2 will be available in the UK and Europe in Autumn 2014. We believe it will be available in the US from Autumn 2015.

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