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The NEW 2015 UPPAbaby Vista with Rumble Seat

The UPPAbaby Vista has been redesigned for 2015 to be able to finally offer a fully functioning twin / sibling tandem pushchair! There are no compromises in the new 2015 UPPAbaby Vista as there are combinations to suit every family here!

The new 2015 UPPAbaby Vista is a single pushchair which can be converted into a double tandem pushchair. It can have two seats or two car seats or two carrycots, or various combinations of these options too (See picture above).

The UPPAbaby Vista main seat will take up to 22.6kgs and the Rumble Seat will hold 14.5kgs – which is a little lower than the current Rumble Seat takes. Iitially this seems a little disappointing, however, there are now from birth options for the youngest child to go in the Rumble Seat position, whilst the eldest secures the main seat. This gives greater flexibility for the new Vista and Rumble Seat.

The UPPAbaby Vista will now fold like the UPPAbaby Cruz – very intuitively and easily. The Rumble Seat will need removing to fold.

The UPPAbaby Vista will have a new larger, easier access basket; a one piece bumper bar (with no cover), and ‘no flat air like’ tyres using Airgo technology. The carrycots will now have zip on aprons.

The 2015 UPPAbaby Vista will come in 7 colours: Denny Red, Georgie Blue, Pascal Grey, Taylor Indigo, Maya Marigold, Lindsay Wheat and Jake Black.

The price of the new 2015 Vista will be higher than currently, due to the changes.

The old Vista is being renamed the Legacy. The carrycot will be available separately in future.

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