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Red Kite Push Me Cube, Twini, Fusion and Urban at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2016

The Red Kite stand was busy. It was a new stand for Red Kite at Harrogate, but unfortunately, they had placed a table in front of a lot of key products and no one could look at them properly.

However, we found a lovely rep who gave us a quick demo of the amazing new Push Me Cube (the small folding stroller in the images above). The fold is very quick although it takes a bit of getting used to. It is important to fold the T-bar down in front of the child before starting the fold, or else you can only get half way with the fold as we found out! There are three buttons on the handlebar which all need pushing simultaneously. It can be done with one hand though, so you can hold onto your baby or toddler’s hand whilst folding.

Unfortunately, there was no room to spend much time looking at the Push Me Cube, or at the other pushchairs, so we quickly took some photos and left. However, we will get a Push Me Cube into BBHQ for a closer look because even just on a quick play, we were impressed that it felt quite sturdy and was easy to use.

The larger travel system – red, blue and white patterned is the Fusion. The red pushchair is the Push Me Urban, and the black is the Push Me Twini. We have featured these in previous reports here on Best Buggy.

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