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X-Lander at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2016

We had been looking forward to seeing the X-Lander pushchairs at the Harrogate Nursery Fair, however the stand was so busy we could not get to talk to anyone.

There are examples of the X-Lander X-Cite, X-Run (the 3 wheel jogger) and X-Move in our photos. We believe the final X-Lander, the X-Pulse was behind the blue X-Cite in our photo.

We really loved how there were inbuilt LED lights at the front of 3 of the pushchairs – these can be seen below the footrest in the blue X-Cite. They were very bright and are a really good safety idea.

We hope at some stage to get a better look at the X-Lander pushchairs.


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