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Yippie Yo Crossbuggy Review by Best Buggy

We fell in love with the Yippie Yo Crossbuggy as soon as we saw it. The Yippie Yo Crossbuggy is a pull along trailer which is designed to be taken off road to places where normal pushchairs can’t get. This makes it great for the countryside; for mountain walks; through streams and woods; and on the beach.

The Yippie Yo has seats and robust 5 point harnesses for one or two children, plus a luggage rack at the rear. There is a long handle to pull the children along with a handbrake. The seat is mounted above two huge 14″ solid tyres which have excellent ground clearance, and which cushion any lumps and bumps in the road.

The Yippie Yo Crossbuggy can be configured to your specification with a choice of chassis colour and fabrics including red, grey, pink and blue. In future there will be a choice of disc wheel colour too. Additional seat covers are available for a change or look. The fabrics are dirt-resistant and water-resistant so they should never become too muddy, no matter where you go!

We own several other pull along wagons, but had found them cramped for two children, or even one child with some bags. So, the Yippie Yo offered us much more space for two larger children. Master BB is 5 years old and around 105cm tall, and Little Miss BB is 7 years old and 123cm tall. Ideally the Yippie Yo is for children between the ages of 12 months (who can sit unaided) and 6, and is certified to carry up to 40kg maximum weight including 5kg baggage, so we were pushing the Yippie Yo to its limits. However, it was absolutely wonderful and great fun to use whether with one child or two on board.

What we didn’t expect was that the Yippie Yo raised smiles on everyone who saw it. It literally turned heads and we had so many people ask what the Yippie Yo was, and how to buy one. We think that the fact that the children were having a great time was a huge selling point.

Child Comfort and Harness

The Yippie Yo has one bench seat with two harnesses attached. There is plenty of room for even two bigger children, although bear in mind that the children are touching each other. My two literally LOVED being side by side in the Yippee Yo. It was such a shared experience for both of them and they absolutely loved riding on board. The upright seats are padded and have some of the best harnesses we have ever seen on a pushchair or trolley. These 5 point harnesses are simple to adjust for different sized children, and have a very sturdy metal, car seat like, buckle. We love knowing that the children are very securely fastened in, especially when running over the bigger bumps which make the children laugh the most!

There is lots of leg room for the children to stretch out. Master BB could only just about reach the end of the leg rest, and this is one feature which gives the Yippie Yo longevity for an older child. Whilst we are probably close to the limits now for both our children to ride together, there are probably years more before one child would be too large for the seat. The only thing we had to watch was that the side protection fabric didn’t bulge and rub on the wheels, which only happened if Little Miss BB didn’t sit straight!

Bear in mind that the children in the seat are quite exposed, but it would be possible to fit a universal footmuff for each, or invest in a 7 A.M. Duo blanket for example to keep the children warm.

Wheels, Handlebar, Handling and Brake

The Yippie Yo Crossbuggy is sturdy – it is absolutely solid in construction. It is like nothing else that we have owned, and the quality must not be underestimated, because it is superb! We understand that it is made from aluminum using parts from mountain bike construction to give it the sturdiness that is required for off road use. There is a special suspension system too underneath the seating platform.

Whether there is one child or two, the Yippie Yo has been easy to pull along even across more challenging terrain and down small drops. The handlebar is comfortable to hold unlike many trolleys. It sits in your hand at a good angle, and has plenty of space for you to hang on tight. It feels much more natural and comfortable than any of our other trolleys. The handbrake is brilliant especially when coming downhill. This is linked to disc brakes on the large wheels. The two 14″ solid tyres have filled in wheel hubs to prevent little fingers from getting caught in the centre. There are guards at either side of the seat unit to prevent hands from coming over the sides and touching the wheels. We haven’t found that the children tried to play with the wheels. The wheels need to be specifically fitted to the left or the right hand sides. The zig zag tread lines need to be facing forwards!

Clearly the Yippie Yo is designed for the great outdoors. It requires some space to turn and you do not have the control of a pushchair, so it is not something to take shopping with you! However at 75cm wide it will fit straight through most standard doorways.

Our only warning is to be careful how you park the Yippie Yo. Mr BB did on one occasion just let go of the Yippie Yo handle, and it tipped backwards. It was absolutely fine because the rear storage rack prevents the Yippie Yo from tipping too far, whilst the harness held the Master BB in securely, so it was no issue, but stopping / walking away needs to ensure that the handle touches the floor at the front, because it does feel more natural to tip the unit backwards to ‘park’. There is a parking brake on the handlebar – squeeze the handbrake and push the locking lever towards the cable to lock into position.. The Yippie Yo has made an excellent seat for the children to sit and watch the world go by, or for a picnic, when reaching our destination. It has given us a safe place for Master BB to comfortably stay whilst we did something with Little Miss BB.

We also got LED lights to go onto our Yippie Yo. These are an additional 12 Euros per set and come in red and white. They attach simply onto the chassis without the need for any fixings, and are great for visibility in the dark.


The Yippie Yo comes with a storage rack which has a bungee cord on to attach luggage. There is also a long and very handy mesh pocket on the rear of the seat. The stroller bag is absolutely worth getting though because it is deceptively huge. It has a good pocket at the front and at another at the side for drinks. We managed to get Little Miss BB’s medical bag, plus jackets and more into the main section of the bag, so this isn’t small at all! The bag clips on really neatly to the chassis which means that it stays secure at all times. There is a storage strap so that when it is time to stop, the bag can be detached and comfortably carried on a shoulder. The canvas is strong and hard wearing and it is a sturdy bag.


The Yippie Yo Crossbuggy can be folded fairly flat for transportation or storage. At the rear of the Yippie Yo are two clips which when undone releases the back rest so that it can be folded down flat. The handlebar has a pin and lever which needs undoing to free up the hinge joint, and then the handlebar can then fold backwards over the seat unit. It is not possible to remove the handlebar because of the brake mechanism. The wheels easily pop off and can be stored inside the seat area. We found it was no problem to lift the Yippie Yo into our car. It fitted either way in which shows how compact the Yippie Yo is. We didn’t need to remove the wheels, but you probably would want to if they are really muddy!

Be careful when assembling the Yippie Yo that all the components are set up again correctly. Mr BB forgot once to lock the back rest into position (it is hidden by the bag if you leave this in place) and it is also easy to not put the handlebar pin back in securely too. The Yippie Yo arrives already assembled apart from fixing the handlebar, wheels and back rest, so you are ready to go in seconds.

The Yippie Yo weighs 12kg in total, and I found it no problem to lift into the car because there’s natural holding points. The folded dimensions are 95 x 75 x 35 cms.

In Conclusion

It is love, love, love here at BBHQ for the Yippie Yo Crossbuggy. It is unique and unusual. It absolutely fills a big gap in the market for a practical all terrain option for one or two children. Bearing in mind that Master BB has special needs, this also means that we have a ‘non baby’ way to transport him where all his friends are actually envious of his smart wheels! This could be a really great school run option for those who have a long walk to school. It is simple for the children to hop in and out, whilst the harness is difficult to open. There are so many possibilities and the world literally is your oyster with a Yippie Yo. The Yippie Yo will go anywhere you have ever wanted to go with children.
We have pleasure in awarding the Yippie Yo Cross Buggy a Best Buggy 5 Gold Star rating for an excellent, practical, great quality product. We are planning on many more years of use from the Yippie Yo because we LOVE it!

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